Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Why do You need Title Insurance?

When you purchase your home, you want to make sure that the seller really owns the property. 
Issues with the title can limit your use and enjoyment of the property, 
as well as bring financial loss. 
At The Dwell Realty Group, we will ensure you are paired with such a professional.

The Title Search

A title professional will search the public records to look for any problems with the property's title. Typically, this involves a review of land records going back many years. 
More than 1/3 of all title searches reveal a problem that must be fixed before closing. 
Examples include contractor liens, tax liens, willed shares, etc. 

The Owner's Title Policy

 Sometimes title problems are discovered after the real estate closing. 
To help protect you in these events, it is recommended that you obtain an Owner's Policy of Title. Owner's Title Insurance is typically issued in the amount of the purchase. 
The Policy fully protects the buyer should a title issue occur. Possible issues include: 
errors or omissions in deeds, mistakes in examining records, forgery and undisclosed heirs.   
The  title company will help pay valid issues on your title. 

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