Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rich and Sue Made it!!!

Lisa Yoli's wonderful clients: Rich & Sue!!!
Stretching their legs after days of driving from Minnesota.
This was their stop at our Asheville office to pick up their keys to their NEW HOME in Hendersonville!!
I hope the champagne helped and look forward to ore photos once they have settled.
It took almost a year for this moment to happen - Lisa felt very fortunate to have been 
a part of the journey to
their forever home!!

Good job, Lisa!!!!

Canopy is Going Up in Downtown Asheville

The canopy construction over the Lunsford Stage at Pack Square is slated to be complete in the coming weeks. Should make summer events better for those performing!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

How many breweries can the town of Asheville brew?

As the craft-brewing Mecca of the Southeast, the Asheville area features at least 13 breweries!!  That is more breweries per capita than any other city in the U.S.!!! I guess that’s why we rank so high every year in the Beer City, USA poll.

From Porters, Ambers, IPAs, Ales to Stouts, Saisons, Tripels, Lagers and Pilsners…there is plenty to choose from!

Highland Brewing Company

Lexington Avenue Brewery

French Broad Brewery

Asheville Brewing Company

Wedge Brewing Company

Burial Brew Company

Wicked Weed Brewing

Altamont Brewing Company

Thirsty Monk Brewery

Hi-Wire Brewing

Catawba Brewing Company

Green Man Brewery

Lookout Brewing
One World Brew

Oyster House Brewing Company

Pisgah Brewing Company: 
Celebrating 9 years this weekend:
Going to be a great show: 
see here for more information

And if you need someone to go have a beer with, give us a call!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another Beautiful Day in Asheville

 I just took a stroll through the heart of downtown and what a beauty of a day!!  This is Haywood Street, with the Old Penny's Building seemingly wrapped in rainbow light. It is a rather cool, downtown building.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Showing Some 4-Legged Love in Asheville!!!

While enjoying another 70-degree beautiful spring afternoon this Saturday in Asheville, why not canter over to the Wicked Weed tasting room and support the Brother Wolf's new beer, Feral Ale. 10% of sales of the entire batch go to support the great efforts of Brother Wolf.

Come Sunday, time for a little excercise with your favorite 4-legged love at the Run for the Paws at the Fletcher Park.

For more information, click here

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Clean-Up Time in Asheville!!

Asheville's Downtown Commission and Downtown Association have partnered
with the City of Asheville and purchased 175 of these new
trash cans and recycling bins.
Many of them also come with a smoking oasis and doggie waste bags. 
You can find them located throughout the downtown Asheville area.

The new bins are easy to clean, and are designed not to allow rain water to accumulate in the bins, eliminating the "trash juice." 

The new bins also lock, in order to deter vandalism. 
The opening will also prohibit households from disposing of their trash in these public bins.

What a great idea!!
Good job Asheville!!

And good job, Byron Greiner, for helping this project come to fruition!!

Time Equals Money

And so does Space!!!

In our business of selling and buying homes, market value is often based on total square footage of a home. This total is categorized as heated, unheated, finished, unfinished, contiguous and non-contiguous. All of these parameters have different valuations in different markets.

More to the point, having an exact and correct number is VERY important when coming up with a market value on a home.

Most Realtors know this. We also know how much of a pain it is to measure a home. Not so much if the home is a nice, neat square or rectangle, but certainly if the home is irregular in shape, which most are.

And if you've ever played with a measuring tape, or the calculator and the joys of geometry, then you know there are many pitfalls and opportunities to make mistakes. The pressure can be heavy, as the liability can cost you your license if something vast is missed.

I mean, let's face it...if you miscalculate square footage you can miscalculate the value of a home.

No pressure!!

So often Realtors will use Appraisers or contractors specifically skilled in this arena.  Now there is another option - an app! Yes, a phone app - and it has potential to totally rock!! Great for floor plans and room dimensions and all the SF desires to content our heart. 

For Iphones there is RoomScan. For Droids, there is MagicPlan and Floorplan Catcher.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Seller Contribution and the Short Sale

Investors (FHA,VA,USDA, FNMA, FM) have their own guidelines and variables to consider prior to acceptance of the seller contribution written into an offer.
Though the contribution may be written into the Offer To Purchase and signed by the homeowner, the lender, when reviewing the offer, may decrease or cut out the seller contribution based on investor guidelines or issues with the minimum net.

It is helpful before placing an offer to clarify with the person negotiating the short sale who the investor is, and what their guidelines are regarding seller contribution. 

FHA short sale properties have similar restrictions to "allowable fees" paid by a contribution as a regular FHA loan. In addition a seller contribution of more than 1% of the buyers new loan requires a variance request and approval from HUD.

Fannie Mae guidelines are more lenient FHA,USDA,VA  and allows  3% seller contribution if the net is met.

Stay in the know work with dedicated short sale specialist. Call or email today!
Terri Balog, The Dwell Realty Group

One Billion Visitors Expected in Asheville!!!

Asheville is expecting one billion visitors over the year
and the hotel business has heated up with
several new hotels growing out of the ground!

We remain a destination, worldwide - and who can blame them?!!
Downtown hotels are an important factor in a tourist's visit.

As we continue to grow, and continue to get national exposure,
we have also become a destination for part-time retirees, as well.

How many folks do YOU have coming to visit this year?!!

Click here for a link to the newest news on 2 new hotels in Asheville

We LOVE Happy Buyers!!!

Here is our Buyer's Agent, Terri Balog, 
with her newest and happy Buyer, Julie.  
Julie just relocated from out-of-state, 
buying her new home in Weaverville, NC.

Julie's move was practically stress-free 
thanks to Terri's hard work and diligent efforts to make 
buying real estate as easy as possible!

Thanks to Terri, Julie was able to close on her home in NY, 
pack up her car and drive down to NC 
just in time to move right into her new home.

Yay for Happy Buyers!!

Good job team!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Broker Opens???

This is our lovely buyer's agent, Lisa Yoli, enjoying the catered Broker Open we had this week at 37 Watauga in Asheville, NC. 

We had a great turn out! Do you know what makes a great Broker Open?  Here's what I surmise:
  • Location of home: We were in the Montford district - very central location for most Realtors in Asheville
  • Appeal of home: This home was designed by the same architect who designed the Biltmore House.
  • Food - Let's face it, people like to eat. And free food is always a good pull, especially when it's Zoe's!
  • Weather - It was an amazingly beautiful spring day, ideal for sitting on a porch and doing very little, which this home offered in triplicate!!


Fantastic Overview of our Seller's Market!!

Click here for video

Ok, so the guy's hair made me giggle,
but I'm immature like that.  
The information is fantastic...check it out!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We are FOODIES!!!

Ok, so I did spend 25 minutes in line today at Mamacitas for $2 tacos - 
though it wasn't the $2 that pulled me in there.  
I just love food - and this town definitely has a delicious array from which to choose; 
so, apparently I'm not the only one.

According to the, Asheville ranks on the top 7 towns most underrated in food (shocking!!)

So if you haven't been out n a while to sample the fine delicacies, do so NOW!!!

An Asheville Boutique Hotel Gets a Facelift

Nestled in the very heart of the Downtown district, The Windsor Asheville offers all the finer amenities with tons of the historical accents that make this town so lovely.

14 unique rooms just steps to all the savory restaurants, eclectic galleries and funky street culture this city is famous for.

Planning a visit or a night out in the Downtown Asheville?

March Real Estate Statistics in Buncombe County, NC (Asheville area)

Spring has certainly sprung here in the Asheville area. Total sales have increased over last month and in comparison to last year.

Always great news to see the market continue to improve.

For more specific stats,