Tuesday, September 30, 2014

We’d like to turn a little spotlight onto our valued clients, Kerri & Brian Casey, 
for their editorial piece on the...

Cherokee Storytelling Bonfire
(published in our local Mountain Express last summer 
and recently re-published by AskAsheville!!)

This  (free)  summer event  is held Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings  
 on the Qualla Boundary at the Oconaluftee Islands Park near Cherokee, NC 
(a little over an hour’s drive from Asheville). 
Archaeological findings in our area 
date the Cherokee civilization back for at least the past 11,000 years, 
since the time of the last ice age.  
 Today, this tradition of storytelling and education linking past to present 
may only survive with the support of those who find value 
in the cultural contributions of such a noble heritage.

For Kerri’s personal notes about her experience of  this event, 
visit her personal blogspot at:

It’s such a gift to live surrounded by immense beauty, 
interesting history and rich culture in the Ancient Blue Ridge!
We are also grateful for clients like Kerri & Brian – 
They have trusted us to market their sweet Leicester home 
so they can transition to a new life phase. 
If YOUR next life phase is to become a part of our Asheville tapestry - 
check it out here and give us a call!:


Friday, September 26, 2014

The Dwell Realty Group 

Top Producers...again!!

Byron Greiner and Lisa Yoli (pictured above)
are obviously delighted to once again 
be recognized for all their efforts to be
top of their industry!!

Keep 'em coming!!



Saturday, September 13, 2014

Why go to Europe when you can be in Asheville?!

I recently savored  another sublime Asheville evening  at Creperie,  
 the “street food” experience  of the more sophisticated, 
always delightful and generally better known, 
Bouchon on Lexington Avenue .  

In a city of really spectacular restaurants, 
Bouchon is my favorite. 
I refer it to people without hesitation, I love it completely  (unrepentant Francophile that I am)
 and I can be found there often in its intimate warmth with champagne and ridiculously good food… the same food, gently modified, found at Creperie.  
 Neither ever disappoints me.

However, wonderful food aside, this particular evening was all about the light… 
At a simple bistro table in the little, hidden courtyard that links Creperie to Bouchon, 
tucked under leafy coverage and removed from the general bustle of the busy main street, 
I was gifted with a watercolor impression to rival any vintage postcard; 
a corner of this sweet city softened by rain, 
gilded by the setting sun 
against a purple sky 
and a delicate rainbow… 
an urban image not often associated with the idea of this eclectic mountain town 
yet these moments are so indicative of Asheville’s undeniable charm.

My iphone camera simply could not do it justice – 
I was immersed in the delicious sensation of being removed to another time and place… 
something so Old World… La Belle Epoque,

And then I realized yet again… how fortunate that I live here!

~Lisa Yoli, Lead Agent, The Dwell Realty Group


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Asheville Touted Top Town Again and Again

You may have noticed that Asheville kinda rocks. If you live here, you know this.
If you don't live here, well, our name showed up on Top Ten lists, and the like, repeatedly this year.
We are quite proud of this, of course, and want to share our greatness with YOU!!

Voted #1 by Travel + Leisure Readers for The 10 Weirdest Towns in America

Apparently it was our number of bars, cafes and college students 
that somehow make us weird...


Voted #1 by Travel & Leisure for America's Quirkiest Town

Author wasn't sure if it was thin air or proximity to our local vortex, but we are certainly odd!

Voted #6 by Outside Magazine for The 16 Greatest Place to Live in America

We can thank our access to adventure, healthy-eating options, bike lanes and green spaces for placement on this list!!

2nd place in Food Republic's 7 Great Places to Drink Cider Around the USA

Craft cider production is on the rise, exceeding craft beer growth in 2013!! 
And here in Asheville, we love to drink craft made infusions!

#16 in Travel & Leisure's America's Favorite Mountain Town

 With our abundant microbreweries, locally-stocked eateries and 
coffeehouses and live music venues, it is no wonder we get noticed!!

2x on Southern Living's 100 Best Restaurants in the South

Both Curate and Rhubarb appeared on this list.  
And truly, we do have an amazing culinary selection here.

3rd on Kiplinger's 10 Great College Towns to Retire to

 UNCAs Osher Lifelong Learning Institute offers more than 300 courses a year,
not to mention our plethora of entertainment, eateries and scenery!

1st on Market Watch's 10 Most Popular Cities to Retire in

Apparently we won this popularity contest based on towns that 
visitors to Topretirements.com are wanted more information on...

13th on Arts.mic's 15 Cities for Creative 20-Somethings that aren't NY or LA

Apparently we are best known for our indie music scene...
(and NO mention of beer!!!!)

10th on Conde Nast Traveler's  Friendliest Cities in the US

Apparently our friendly people fill the "artistic community,"
in case you were wondering ;)

Real Estate Scorecard's #1 Most Beautiful Place in America to Live and More

Regardless of our food, beer, prices, festivals, 
we do live in an amazingly gorgeous landscape!

5th Bride Meets Wedding's Great Honeymoon Locations within the US

Apparently, retirees and artistic young folks aren't the only ones who love this town!!!

4th in Livability's Top 10 Foodie Cities 2014

 We are described as a "foodtopia with beer!"

For more information on how great Asheville is 
to live, eat, drink and be,
give us a call!!