Saturday, September 13, 2014

Why go to Europe when you can be in Asheville?!

I recently savored  another sublime Asheville evening  at Creperie,  
 the “street food” experience  of the more sophisticated, 
always delightful and generally better known, 
Bouchon on Lexington Avenue .  

In a city of really spectacular restaurants, 
Bouchon is my favorite. 
I refer it to people without hesitation, I love it completely  (unrepentant Francophile that I am)
 and I can be found there often in its intimate warmth with champagne and ridiculously good food… the same food, gently modified, found at Creperie.  
 Neither ever disappoints me.

However, wonderful food aside, this particular evening was all about the light… 
At a simple bistro table in the little, hidden courtyard that links Creperie to Bouchon, 
tucked under leafy coverage and removed from the general bustle of the busy main street, 
I was gifted with a watercolor impression to rival any vintage postcard; 
a corner of this sweet city softened by rain, 
gilded by the setting sun 
against a purple sky 
and a delicate rainbow… 
an urban image not often associated with the idea of this eclectic mountain town 
yet these moments are so indicative of Asheville’s undeniable charm.

My iphone camera simply could not do it justice – 
I was immersed in the delicious sensation of being removed to another time and place… 
something so Old World… La Belle Epoque,

And then I realized yet again… how fortunate that I live here!

~Lisa Yoli, Lead Agent, The Dwell Realty Group


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