Monday, March 31, 2014

Yes, We Deserve Every Bit of that 6%!!

I understand that what goes on behind the real estate curtain is not well-known, but I can promise you that like Oz, we are not making magic.  We are working our collective bums off here at Dwell Asheville.


·         We must assemble all the paperwork our real estate commission expects. 

·         We hire a professional photographer and hire a professional videographer, at which time we must allow access to the home and then stage it quickly and properly for the best lighting and the best scenes to be created.

·         We then spend time (or pay our assistant) to create the listing to its most attractive and accurate state.

·         We promote the property on scores of websites, enhancing and tweaking on a regular basis, as these sites do not always hold the information forever. And no one allows you to enhance a property on a website for free!!!

·         We arrange showings that are convenient to the showing agent and our Seller(s).

·         We negotiate contracts for the sole benefit of our sellers. 

·         And at the end of the contract, we most certainly deserve every single penny garnered from this transaction.

So have you thanked a Realtor today?

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