Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday humor story:

What to do when your Seller tries to

Steal Back their Personal Property back?

We recently took a listing from a lady whose brother had passed away.  
The lady's niece was very upset that we were to sell her father's house, 
even though she had been willed her very own house, 
as well as promised the proceeds from the sale of this house.  

We placed the house under contract almost immediately, 
which was a relief to all parties - except for the young lady 
who felt that she should have more than one house.

During the removal of all personal belongings, 
this young lady took it upon herself to remove 
all sorts of items that had been part of the negotiations,
 and were promised, contractually, to the new buyers. 
After a week of drama, threats, vehicle towing, and of course, lock changes, 
we did finally close.  
The Seller had to pay $7500 to the Buyer for loss of items.  
This amount, of course, came out of the proceedings given to the young lady in question, 
who did naught more than cut off her nose to spite her face.

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