Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Short Sales are a Minefield!!

The short sale homeowner/seller's financial life is becoming a financial mine field!

 The longer a distressed homeowner is immobilized by the denial of their economic reality,
 the more complex a simple short sale transaction is to complete.

Judgments from credit card companies, HOA's, and other creditors
 are mounting against many distressed homeowners as the months pass.  
These judgments inevitably attach to the property 
clouding title and can be deadly last minute liens.

Learning about the existence of potential judgments 
can only be accomplished by clear and regular communication with your sellers
 regarding their standing with other creditors. 
Only frequent lien and judgement searches will insure you are in the clear.  

Catch and Cure!!

Catching them early is the surest way to the simplest solution.
If you have questions or need assistance, call a professional!
Sue Hayden
Short Sale Processing and Negotiations
Law Office of Tony Fisichella, PLLC
Office: 828-676-2302

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