Thursday, August 27, 2015

Asheville’s 1-2-3 Graffiti Free Program Runs Through September 30 2015

Asheville’s 1-2-3 Graffiti Free Program Runs Through 

September 30


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Funding grants for the City of Asheville’s 1-2-3 Graffiti Free initiative continue through Sept. 30. After that date, the City’s removal assistance program will be discontinued.
Starting in July 2014, the City began the 1-2-3 Graffiti Free removal assistance program aimed at providing a comprehensive approach to tackling graffiti. Designed to be a 90-day intensive cleanup, City Council in September 2014 voted to extend the program through Sept. 30, 2015.
So far, 381 Notices to Remove Graffiti have been sent to the property owners. Already 93% of those property owners have complied and cleaned up their properties. Of those 381 notices, 23 were sent recently and those property owners are still within the grace period for graffiti removal.
The City has spent $78,323 on graffiti removal, according to Vicky Haskell, Graffiti Special Projects Coordinator. That money was paid to contractors who did the removal.


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